Tariq Al Habtoor – Traits of an Excellent Engineer

Tariq Al Habtoor is a passionate young engineer who graduated with his Diploma of Engineering with Honors from Kingston University, Kingston, UK, in 2015. Currently, he’s an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at the UAE’s Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center, and he’s passionate about his trade.

If you have traits like those touched on below, you might be cut out to join engineers like Tariq Al Habtoor in this engaging and opportunity-rich field:

  • Curiosity

Engineering is a competitive field. The best engineers are curious. Their minds are focused with inventing and examining so that the world around them can work better, and they’re naturally intrigued by their environments.

  • Logical Thinking

Engineering requires the ability to comprehend complex systems with logical thinking and reasoning. Excellent engineers can break down systems to understand how they work. They can use this understanding to understand how problems arise and what to do to fix them.


  • Communication

Engineering requires clear communication between all parties. Engineers like Tariq Al Habtoor don’t just need to be able to understand systems. They need to understand how to listen, speak and otherwise communicate complex ideas to people from all walks of life.




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