Tariq Al Habtoor – Traits of a Great Programmer

Tariq Al Habtoor earned his Diploma of Engineering with honors from Kingston University in 2015 and has earned numerous certifications from respected institutions around the globe. Tariq Al Habtoor’s currently a UAE Armed Forces Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, but he’s also versed in programming and app development.

Tariq Al Habtoor - Traits of an Excellent Engineer

If you’re considering becoming a programmer like Tariq Al Habtoor, traits like these might help you thrive in the field:

  • User Focus

Programmers need to be able to focus on the user and the final product. They should care about the client’s project and be willing go do whatever it takes to create a good product that will improve or enrich the end user’s life.

If you’re great at taking an idea, considering all potential outcomes and bringing value to the project, you might be cut out for programming.

  • Quick Learning Ability

Programmers like Tariq Al Habtoor are typically great at learning quickly and on their own. They aren’t intimidated by new technology. Instead, they’re intrigued by it and know it’ll only be a matter of time until they master it.

The best skill, as the adage goes, is knowing how to learn. If you’re an eternal student who usually picks things up quickly, you might make a great programmer.




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