Tariq Al Habtoor – The Holographic Universe Theory

Tariq Al Habtoor is a self-proclaimed eternal student who currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. Tariq Al Habtoor’s an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at the UAE’s Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center, and he has numerous certifications on a variety of topics. He also has diverse interests in theory and philosophy, and he says he’s fascinated by the holographic universe theory.

Unless you’re among those like Tariq Al Habtoor who have studied this theory, it might sound a bit absurd, but respected astrophysicists disagree. In fact, the idea that the universe as we know it is a holographic simulation seems to be gaining momentum every day.

“Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe,” said Professor Skenderis, a Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Professor Skenderis then went on to explain that almost everything large scale in the universe can be explained well by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. However, this same theory begins to unravel when scientists examine its origins and mechanisms on a quantum level.

“Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory,” he continued. “Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two.”

If you’d like to join inquisitive minds like Tariq Al Habtoor in learning more, click here to keep reading.




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